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Dingley Village Community Association (DVCA)

DVCA hopes you have a Happy New Year in 2021
After a very memorable 2020 - we welcome in the New Year and wish every Dingley Village resident a safe and healthy 2021.

The DVCA continues working to look after our unique village, which is such a great place to call home in Melbourne.

We begin the year with an update on some major development proposals / issues currently happening in Dingley Village.

🔺 Alex Fraser Concrete Crushing Facility - Permit Extended for 10 More Years
In a major blow for our community, the Planning Minister has given a further 10 year permit extension to the Clarinda Recycling Facility operated by Alex Fraser on Kingston Rd Clarinda.
This in effect, allows the concrete crushing facility to now operate until 2033.

The Dingley Village community has battled long and hard to end industrial waste operations in the Kingston Green Wedge, with Planning Amendment C143 implemented in 2015 to protect the Kingston Green Wedge from future materials recycling and waste industrial operations.

After years of putting up with the smells, dust and trucks of recycling and waste operation in the Green Wedge, our community was looking forward to the end of concrete crushing at the Alex Fraser Clarinda site in 2023, when their permit to operate a concrete crushing facility at this site expired.

Alex Fraser made two applications to Council in 2019 to extend their operating permit for a further fifteen years until 2038. Council rejecting both applications in accordance with the Green Wedge planning zoning prohibiting future industrial waste operations.

In 2020 Alex Fraser’s application to extend their operating permit for the Clarinda Recycling Facility was called in by the Victorian Minister for Planning and a Clarinda Recycling Facility Advisory Committee was appointed by the Planning Minister to review the Alex Fraser Clarinda permit extension application.

DVCA made a formal submission to the Committee against any permit extension for this site .

At the end of 2020, Alex Fraser was given a ten year permit extension by the Planning Minister.
Following this extremely disappointing outcome, Council has now requested that the State Government fulfil their 2018 election promise to invest $25 million to purchase key sites for the Chain of Parks Sandbelt Parkland.

"Cr Staikos said it was critical that the Government took urgent action to fulfil its public election commitment that
‘The Sandbelt Parkland has been talked about for nearly 90 years, but only Labor will deliver it. A re-elected Labor Government will deliver a 355-hectare chain of parks from Warrigal Road in Moorabbin to Braeside Park in Dingley Village, with walking and bike trails and adventure play areas for local kids’’. "

A City of Kingston Media Release said Council was deeply disappointed in Government decision to extend concrete crusher in the heart of the 'lungs of Melbourne' 27 November 2020

🔺 Hawthorn Football Club (HCC) Developments

In 2017 Hawthorn Football Club purchased 28 hectares at 94 Tootal Rd for the Club's new home in Dingley Village, which will be called the Kennedy Community Centre in honour of club legend John Kennedy Snr.. Club headquarters and a state of the art training facility are to be built, costing around $100 million.

A planning permit for the project was approved by the Minister for Planning in August 2016 (Amendment C161).

What's Happening Now
Hawthorn Football Club has now received a Federal Government funding for their future headquarters.

Over the past two years, HCC revised their new headquarter plans, increasing provision of community facilities and AFWL development, with HCC intending the Kennedy Community Centre to be the home ground for Hawthorn's future AFWL team.

In recognition of these proposed plan changes, federal government announced in November 2020 provision of a $15 million grant to HCC for the proposed development:

"to help create a facility with a community pavilion and oval built to AFLW specifications, featuring gender-equal facilities and amenities, as well as flexible education and learning spaces."

These proposed plan changes have been considered by Council as a combined Planning Scheme Amendment C180 and Planning Permit KP- 2019/359 and in March 2020 Council referred them to an Independent Planning Panel.
Following this review, in August 2020, Council adopted these changes and submitted them to the Planning Minister for approval.
The new Headquarters and Training Centre are expected to be completed within 10 years, following finalisation of planning permits and project funding for the new Club Headquarters construction.

🔺 Surf n Play Aqua Park Development Proposal -  321 Old Dandenong Rd
New plans have been re-submitted to Council by Pellicano for a Surf n Play Aqua Park, to be built on a four hectare site at 321 Old Dandenong Rd Dingley Village.
The development, if built, it would be the largest indoor and outdoor water park in the southern hemisphere, costing an estimated $100 million.

The proposed Surf n Play Aqua Park development would include:
• an Endless Surf park,
• featuring a wave pool with 1.8 metre high waves, zoned for both beginners and experienced surfers.
• 1.8 hectares of indoor pools
• 1.3 hectares of outside space incorporating a man-made beach.

Pellicano has consulted with VicRoads and Melbourne Water on site issues for the proposed development over the past 18 months and have now submitted a revised development plan to Council - Application No: KP-2019/121.

For further information on the Aqua Park please see the link on the Home page of this site.


Dingley Village Community Association (DVCA)

We wish every Dingley Village resident a happy & safe Christmas.

We hope that DVCA Dossier articles over this year have kept you well informed and up-to-date on local issues. We return in February next year and will be back again working hard for the Dingley Village community.
Kingswood Golf Course - the Green Centre of Dingley Village
At the end of 2018 Kingston Council voted unanimously to abandon the rezoning and development proposal for the Kingswood Golf Course. Council having received a massive record breaking number of objections from the local community against any rezoning and redevelopment of the golf course to residential. Certainly a crystal clear message from our community to the owners of Kingswood.

One year on and the developer has just held several community meetings seeking "ideas about how you'd like the space developed". Please remember that Australian Super bought a golf course which was not and is not zoned residential and regardless of how much money they paid for this land, no residential development of Kingswood golf course can occur without a change of land zoning from Special Use Golf Course Zone to Residential.
Why did the Community fight so hard to keep Kingswood Golf Course ?

There is no nett benefit to Dingley Village from rezoning and redeveloping Kingswood Golf Course. Since the sale of the golf course in 2014, the community has protested long and hard against development of the golf course that would cause:
loss of our precious and increasingly scarce open space, bushland, trees and wildlife in the heart of Dingley Village.
placing of further strain on our infrastructure; school overcrowding, road and traffic congestion, etc

Do not be fooled, the developers are feigning interest in what residents want on Kingswood golf course, however that does not conceal they still want to build hundreds of residential housing on the Kingswood golf course.
They also have an ongoing programme of tree removal from Kingswood, under the guise of maintenance. Even big trees need water. It appears they are not replacing the trees on site. 
For further information visit:  www.aaa1.biz/d/3.html
Kingston Urban Cooling Draft Strategy - Have Your Say
Kingston Council is preparing an Urban Cooling Strategy for 'Creating a Cool Kingston' and is seeking community input about this Draft Strategy.

With climate change and rising temperatures increasingly impacting on us all, it is good to see that Council recognises the importance of managing urban heat in our municipality.
The Draft Strategy recognises factors contributing to urban heat include:
Removal of trees – which provide shade as well as contribute to cooling through evapotranspiration
Removal of other vegetation –which helps to keep moisture in the soil
Covering of soil with hard surfaces – like driveways and buildings
This only highlights of course, the importance for Dingley Village of retaining and protecting Kingswood Golf Course as green open space.
To have your say on this important issue - please email your submission or take the survey (click on the "Take Survey" website button at the bottom of the page) by 16 December 2019.
The Draft Strategy and Survey can be viewed on the Council website: https://www.yourkingstonyoursay.com.au/urban-cooling-strategy
Support Our Dingley Village Shopping Centre - Christmas Shopping
It is in your interest to shop locally this Christmas and support our local shops and restaurants traders. Each dollar spent locally helps keep our shopping centre strong and vibrant, which provides us with great local services right here in Dingley Village.

Spring Rd Reserve - Dog Owners Please Read
Dog On-Leash Park Areas
DOG OWNERS THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM with some dogs still being sighted off-leash in the on-leash park areas. You are responsible for your dog at all times and enjoying our park in Spring Rd with your dog is terrific - but the park is there for all park users to visit and enjoy.
So please remember in on-leash areas, even when you see no-one in the park - you must keep your dog on- leash until you are in the clearly marked and designated off-leash areas.
Why is this Important ?
All park users have equal rights to feel safe and some people don’t want to associate with dogs or don’t want their young children near them. Other people are scared of dogs (no matter how small and friendly) or have allergic reactions whilst being around dogs.
Doggy Poo Bags
Being a good park user and showing consideration to others also requires your dog to have a plastic "Poo Bag" carried by their owners at all times and to use the rubbish bins provided or take your bag back home to dispose of your dog's bag.

MARA - Moorabbin Airport Residents Association - New Members Required
MARA represents local residents on Moorabbin Airport issues and is seeking new members.

Would you be interested in joining and getting involved ? Please contact the MARA Secretary Joe BIVIANO (giuseppe.biviano@bigpond.com) for further information.

The DVCA is now on Facebook and you can find us at;
Type in: Dingley Village Community Association in the top search area to see our page
Open to all residents who genuinely care about our Village. Meetings are held in the Community Centre, Marcus Rd Dingley Village 2nd Tuesday each month (except Dec. & Jan.) at 7.30pm. and new members are most welcome to attend . PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING the DVCA and make a constructive difference in our community.

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