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About the DVCA
The Dingley Village Community Association is a group of residents who identify and promote our community needs for improved amenity, Village character, sporting and recreational facilities, services and all things that can enhance or maintain our lifestyle and Village character.
We meet and determine responses to Council and Government to achieve best outcomes for Dingley Village.

Respresenting you for a better community

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🔺 If you are a local resident, please consider joining the DVCA.

The DVCA is open to all residents who genuinely care about our Village.

Meetings are held in the Community Centre,
2nd Tuesday each month (except Dec. & Jan.) at 7.30pm.

New members are most welcome to attend.

Meetings are being held via Zoom during any Corona virus shutdown period.
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🔺 The DVCA has requested better crossing arrangements for pedestrians crossing to the health centres.
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Congratulations to Caruana Ward councillor George Hua. He’s been re-elected thanks to his great support for residents over the last four years.

We look forward to working with him again to maintain and upgrade lots of Dingley Village facilities, and keep our great neighbourhood character.

Congratulations also to Steve Staikos, another great member of our previous council, who was this week elected Mayor of Kingston City for 2020/21

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Consider contacting the DVCA first, as we may already have answers, or be making a submission
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Recent achievements include - often in partnership with Kingston Council and residents ...

• Gateway to Dingley Village entrance signs

• Public toilets in the new Woolworths supermarket

• Awarded City of Kingston community group of the year 2017

• Spring rd tip site conversion to a park

• Reassessment and reduction of building heights in Dingley Village

• Preventing overdevelopment or re-zoning of Kingswood Golf Course

• Improved safety in our Shopping precinct

• Support for the foundation of the Dingley Village Men’s Shed


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